Academic Report on Aug.23,2019

Reporter Topic:Using CoupModel to understand coupled climate driven processes for atmosphere, plant and soil by merging measurements and modelling

Reporter: Professor Per-Erik Jansson, Royal Swedish Institute of Technology

Time:10:00, Aug.23, 2019

Location:Academic Hall of State Key Laboratory

    Dr. Per-Erik Jansson is a professor from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He did his PhD in hydrology at Uppsala University (1980-05-22) with the development of a SOIL Water and Heat Model, which is the origin of the current CoupModel.

    Dr. Per-Erik Jansson’s work mainly focuses on understanding the coupled processes in soil, plant and atmosphere by merging measurements and models. He is famous for developing the process-based model—CoupModel. This model has been widely used in modeling agriculture, forest, grassland, and permafrost in various regions and has shown to be a promising tool in understanding different processes under changing climate.

    Professor Per-Erik Jansson has tight collaborations with researchers from China, Sweden, Swiss, Israel, and Denmark in developing the model for specific interests including dripper irrigation, soil salinity, cold regions hydrology etc. More about his research and the CoupModel can be found at the website: https://www.coupmodel.com/