Academic Report on Oct.16

Report Topic:Hydro Power Generation and Electrical Power Systems: Modelling Principles using Modelica

Reporter:  AP. Dietmar Winkler, University College of Southeast Norway

Time: 09:30,  Oct.16, 2017

Location: Academic Hall of State Key Laboratory


The seminar will give an introduction into the modelling language Modelica and how it is used in studies on hydro power generation and electrical power systems. Modelica is an object oriented open-source modelling language that was especially designed for modelling the dynamic behaviour of technical systems consisting of components from, e.g., mechanical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid, control and other domains in a convenient way. Models can contain a mix of components form all different physical domains and can be simulated within one modelling tool. This is especially relevant for systems like a hydro power plant where a mix of thermal, mechanical, electrical and control nature are present and can be simulated combined. The seminar will introduce a modelling approach that can build models using the physical equations directly rather than having to create models of the physical equations that then in turn represent the actual physical equations (i.e., as done in MATLAB and Simulink).

Dietmar Winkler is an Assistant Professor at the University College of Southeast Norway where he is teaching "Electrical Machines" and "Object-oriented Modelling of Hydro Power Systems". He started working with Modelica back in 2005 when he was working as a research assistant at Technische Universität Berlin in Germany. His current research area is electrical power systems in connection with hydro power generation.