Academic Report on Jun.27

Report Topic:Reliability-based design of foundations and retaining walls, and how it complements partial factor design approach 

Reporter: Prof. BK Low, Nanyang Technological University,Singapore

Time: 09:00, Jun. 27, 2017

Location: Academic Hall of State Key Laboratory


Geotechnical design approach has evolved over the years from the global factor of safety approach to the recent partial factor design approach (e.g. Eurocode 7 and LRFD). Yet another approach which can overcome certain limitations and ambiguities of partial factor design approach is the reliability-based design (RBD) approach via the first-order reliability method, which can reflect problem-specific parametric uncertainties, sensitivities and correlations in a way partial factor design approach cannot. This presentation offers relatively transparent and intuitive perspectives of reliability index and design point in the original space of the random variables, and example geotechnical RBD of foundations and retaining walls incorporating parametric uncertainties, correlations and spatial variability. The insights revealed in RBD of foundations and retaining walls and how RBD can complement partial factor design approach will be discussed.