Academic Report on Mar.29

Report Topic: Water Management and Policy Innovations in a Changing Climate: Integration of Resource, Hazard, and Stewardship Considerations

Reporter: Prof. Shaleen Jain, Sustainable Hydrosystems Research Group & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maine, USA

Time: 15:30, Mar. 29, 2017

Location: Academic Hall of State Key Laboratory


Abstract: Water resources management and policy (WRMP) has evolved to achieve a high level of sophistication stemming from developments in systems analysis, stochastic and physical hydrology. Recent recognition of the important role of climate variability and change and climate-induced nonstationarities has illuminated concerns with respect to the adequacy of current WRMP approaches, as well as the need to integrate climate-hydrology-ecology to better realize goals linked to water resources sustainability. In this presentation, I discuss some emerging research questions facing water resources sustainability concerns, and present examples from place-based studies that seek to deliver usable knowledge in support of decision-making and policy. Examples include the changes in seasonality of extreme rainfall and their impacts on coastal communities, adaptive water policy design in a changing climate, and anticipating climate-induced thresholds in lake-watershed systems.