Academic Report on Jan.07

Report Topic: Uncertainty analysis in hydrological modelling

Reporter: Prof. Quanxi Shao,Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization,CSIRO

Time: 15:00, Jan.07, 2017

Location: Academic hall of state key laboratory


Dr Quanxi Shao is currently a principal Research Scientist and a team leader at CSIRO Data61. He has written more than 120 research articles and book chapters on statistics and applications, 103 papers are SCI-indexed with total citations of more than 1500 and h-index of 22. Most are in the leading journals in its research fields such as Statistics in medicine, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Journal of Geographical Research, Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrology and Biogeoscience.

Dr Shao worked in a multidisciplinary environment in CSIRO and managed research teams in several national projects. He led his division into a new direction with his hydrological work, and played an important scientific leadership role in representing his home division in Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and led several water- and climate-related activities as well as CSS TCP’s network project. He is now a project leader of CSIRO-CAS joint research project “Climate Extremes over East Asian-Australian Monsoon Region and Their Simulation and Projection”.

Dr Shao focuses on methodological developments with strong mathematical and statistical components in the CSIRO environment of multidisciplinary research innovation. His researches related to this proposal include mode-data fusion, uncertainty quantification in modelling and forecasting, and extreme modeling. He started pioneering works in data uncertainties in hydro-climatic modeling, derived a new Burr-type distribution as a unified distribution for statistical extremes, and proposed a new concept and framework of event-based extreme modelling, assessment and evaluation of variability in climate and its projection. Many of his researches have been used as defacto national ‘standards’.

Dr Shao is an innovative scientist with strong disciplinary research capability and deep knowledge of other disciplines. He has won CMIS awards twice in team building and research innovation. He is very active in the international scientific society. He successfully organized two annual Conferences of the International Environmetrics Society and has several university adjunct/honorary positions.