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Oversea Interviewers

Oversea Interviewers
In the past three years, 12 oversea delegations have visited our college and the foreign experts and scholars are more than 70. The college has established good relationships with University of Oslo, University of Duisburg-Essen, Imperial College London and University of Waterloo and jointly carried out multi-level cooperation in scientific research and personnel training.


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The Water Institute, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Robert GillhamExecutive Chairman)、Suping Zhao the International Relations Expert
The representatives visited the college for academic discussion on the research areas of groundwater protection and restoration, sustainable watershed management, etc. and seek cooperative study opportunity
Malaysia, Nepal ,etc. 12 developing countries in all
The principal heads in agricultural sector
The representatives visited the college and laboratories and inspected the Irrigation and Water Environment Comprehensive Experimental Site.
the Geosciences College, University of Oslo, Norway
Prof. Brit, Prof. Nils, Prof. Chongyu Xu, etc.
The representatives from both sides approached and negotiated the scientific cooperation and collaborative projects to promote the progress on the mutual academic exchange and students joint training. We held the appointment ceremony of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts selected Prof. Chongyu Xu and Prof. Nils gave his report “Hydropower development in Norway”.
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Schroeder, Prof. Niemann, etc.
The representatives visited the college and signed a framework cooperation agreement, meanwhile, the college officially hired Prof. Niemann as the guest professor of Wuhan University.
the Environmental Systems Research Institute, University of Osnabruck, Germany
Prof. Claudia Pahl-Wostl, etc.
The representatives from both sides exchanged and signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the mutual global water resources research and collaboration.
the Geosciences College AMCG Research Team, Imperial College London, UK
Prof. Christopher Charles Pain, etc.
The representatives from both sides discussed about the current research focus and deepening the research cooperation and proposed a strategic planning to strengthen the cooperation in seven aspects such as atomized rain triggered landslides and penetration of water into soil.
Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Ecuador
Minister Waltsolis, etc.
The representatives visited the college, interviewed and communicated with 21 trainee engineers of the Ecuador river basin and water resources comprehensive plan training course.
World Wind Energy AssociationWWEI
Chairman Prof. MaegaardVice-chairman Prof. Galal Osman
The professors visited the college and gave their academic reports “Management of fluctuation of renewable power” and “Wind energy storage & desalination”.
Angola Embassy
Ambassador Garcia Bless, etc.
The representatives visited the college and attended the graduation farewell ceremony of more than 60 Angola students.
The World Bank, Nepal Delegation
World Bank official Dr. Mohan Aryal, the prexyof Tribhuvan University Engineering College,Prof. Dr. Tri RatnaBajracharya, etc.
The representatives visited the college ,inspected the laboratories and examined the teaching conditions of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering. The representatives from both sides consulted on the joint training protocol specific issues and reached a preliminary agreement on the “3+1”training mode.
University of Waterloo, Canada
Famous groundwater expert Prof. Bob Gillham, water environment expert Prof. William Taylor, etc.
The “Wuhan University- University of Waterloo-China University of Geosciences Water Environment Joint Seminar” was held in Wuhan. The famous groundwater expert Prof. Bob Gillham (PRB technology founder), water environment expert Prof. William Taylor, eco-hydrology expert Prof. Philippe Van Cappellen (president of the Canadian Association of Hydrological Ecological Research), water treatment expert Prof. Peter Huck(president of the Canadian Association for the Natural Sciences and Engineering) and water resource management and scheduling expert associate Prof. Bryan Tolson gave their academic reports.
Swansea University, UK
Academician Roger Owen, Prof. Eduardo de Souza Neto, Prof. Yuntian Feng
Invited by Prof. Wei Zhou, academician Roger Owen visited the college to give his special report “The finite element method: Historical perspective and future prospects” and appointed as the guest professor of Wuhan University