Academic Conference

Regional Workshop on Sustainable Development of Water Saving Irrigation in Asia and the Pacific in 2010

Date:27th-29th, October 2010
Organizers: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO)、Wuhan University、Chinese Agricultural Water-saving and Rural Drinking Water Supply Technology Association、Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage(ICIC.CIID)
General account:The conference aims to comprehensively evaluate the development of water-saving irrigation in the Asia Pacific region, exchange experience and information of water saving irrigation, and analyze the existing problems Also the appropriate measures to promote the sustainable development of water saving irrigation in the Asia Pacific region are discussed. The meeting includes three topics, namely the key problems, scheme of sustainable development, and evaluation index and method of the sustainable development of water-saving irrigation. Nearly 60 experts and scholars attended this meeting, from more than 10 international organizations and regions, such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the United States, Australia, Indonesia and China. Zhai Haohui, a CPPCC member and former Vice Minister of Ministry of water conservancy, President of Chinese agricultural water and rural water supply Technology Association professor, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered an important speech.
The conference focused on the development of water-saving irrigation in the Asia Pacific region, had wide exchanges, in-depth discussion, sharing experience, and common consent, and proposed a plan to promote the sustainable use of water resources, which is very important for the development of water-saving irrigation.