Academic Conference

The 6th International Symposium on Fluid Machinery and Fluid Engineering in 2014

Date:22th-25th, October, 2014

Organizer :Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics (CSET)

Co-organizer: Korean Society for Fluid Machinery (KSFM)、Turbomachinery Society of Japan (TSJ)、School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University、Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Machinery Transient, Ministry of Education、Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Waterjet Theory & New Technology、Key Laboratory of Accoutrement Technique in Fluid Machinery & Power Engineering, Hubei Province、State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Sciences、State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy、National Key Laboratory of Diesel Engine Turbocharging Technology

Related Topics   

     - Blowers and fans              - Micro, nano and bio fluidics

       - Boiler systems                - Multiphase flow

       - Cavitation erosion              - Nuclear energy

       - Compressors                 - Particle abrasion

       - Computational fluid dynamics     - Propulsion

       - Flow-induced noise             - Pumps

       - Flow meters and valves          - Renewable energy

       - Fluid machinery                - Hydro turbines

       - Fluid-structure Interaction         - Turbocharged engines

       - Gas & steam turbines            - Transient process

       - Jet technology                  - Stall and surge