Academic Conference

WHU-Waterloo-CUG Joint Workshop on Water Environment in 2015

Date:21th-22th, May 2015
Organizers: Wuhan University, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), University of Waterloo in Canada
General account:More than 70 experts and scholars from three universities exchanged the latest research results, and discussed the international cooperation. This workshop covered fields of hydrological ecology, groundwater remediation and model calculation of water environment etc.
During the report, Bob Gillham, professor emeritus of University of Waterloo in Canada, famous expert in groundwater field, introduced research progress such as degradation of halogenated organic pollutants using granular iron on " Groundwater pollution remediation and permeable reactive barrier ".
Philippe Van Cappellen, chairman of the Canadian research association of ecological hydrology, expert in ecological hydrology field gave a wonderful academic report on " Pollutant transport and fate: from laboratory scale to field scale".
Wang Yanxin, president of China University of Geosciences, expert in groundwater pollution field combed the latest progress of his research team on " hydrological geological chemistry and biological geological chemistry in arsenic rich groundwater system ".
Yang Jinzhong, professor of Wuhan University introduced in detail the feasibility of data assimilation model to simulation results around the groundwater recharge of North China Plain.
The three parties of meeting also discussed in depth international cooperation mechanism, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention in aspects including education and scientific research. It is beneficial to giving full play to education and research speciality of different universities, accelerating the construction of teaching staff and promoting the internationalization of young teachers' scientific research projects.