Academic Conference

International Symposium of Ecohydrology and Water Security in 2013


Date:18th-22th, October 2013

Organizers: Wuhan University(WHU)International Water Resources Association(IWRA)International Association of Hydrological Sciences(IAHS)Global Water System Plan(GWSP).

General account:Some important figures attended the conference and gave a speech : Professor Feng You-mei, executive vice president of Wuhan University; Academician Liu Chang-ming from Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor Guo Sheng-liang , vice governor of Hubei Province; Professor Pahl-Wostl Claudia, executive committee co-chair of the Global Water System Planning (GWSP) ; Professor E. Nickum James, vice chairman of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA); Professor Li-Liang Ren, vice chairman of the International Hydrological Science Association (IAHS); Liu Zhi-Yu, deputy chief engineer of the Hydrological Office of the Ministry of Water Resources.
The academic seminar had set up four special parts: the theory and practice of eco-hydrology, the theory and practice of water system science, the theory and practice of water safety, the operation and management of large water conservancy projects. A total of more than 80 academic representatives attended the meeting, 35 domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars had been invited to make a relevant academic report, among which 17 foreign scholars came from the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Malaysia and Holland and other countries. Considering the significant demand of the water security and assurance global and regional, experts at the conference shared the examples and experiences around the world and deeply discussed the key technologies and measures of water security and water ecological civilization construction in response to some key scientific issues, such as the processes of the basin water cycle and ecological hydrological, the formation mechanisms of droughts and flood disasters as well as the responses of the ecosystem to it, the policies of the water and environment pollution management, which had effectively promoted the development of the ecological hydrology and water resources management theory as well as the scientific study of the global water security.