Tuditang Experimental Base for Pumped Storage Power Station

       The base was established in 2012, at Tuditang Community, Jiangxia District, Wuhan. The total construction area is about 3600m2, 120m long, 30m wide and 15~18m high, with fixed assets worth over 8 million RMB.The main equipment consists of nine systems: open water-circulating system, model waterway system,model machine units system, excitation-synchronization- protection system, speed control system, frequency conversion and phase switch system, monitoring control system,simulation electrical load system, and measuring system.The system can simulate the all kinds of operating conditions in pumped-storage hydropower station.
       The main research work conducted in this experimental hall is concerning aboutthe dynamic characteristics of pump turbine, the pressure pulsation during the transient process, the mutation of axial thrust, liquid columnseparation and so on.It is aiming to solve the key technical problem confronted during the design and operation of pumped storage power station.