Sediment and Flood Control Lab

        The Lab was built in 1958, which occupies over 6000m2 and includes a physical model hall ,a flume experiment hall, and a sewage sludge experiment hall. The physical model hall and flume experiment hall both have a set of circulating water supply system.
       The physical model hall is equipped with automatic controlling and measuring systems, including underwater terrains automatic measuring systems, automatic discharge controlling systems, tail water level automatic controlling systems, surface flow field measuring system with particle images, flow velocity measuring system and water level measuring system etc, where experiments and research work can be conducted on flow movement and channel evolution associated with hydropower projects including erosion and deposition of riverbed, river patterns transformation and optimization of river training works, etc.
        The flume experiment hall has a sediment characteristic analysis room and ten advanced glass flumes with automatic controlling and measuring systems, where researches can be conducted on flow structure in curved channel, movement of suspended load, movement of bed load, movement of hyper concentrated flow, movement rules of sediment caused by wave and current flow together, or by the wind, channel pattern transformation and the settling characteristics of sediment etc.
        The sewage sludge experimental hall has been equipped with Multi-parameter controller, automatic potentiometric titrator and other equipments, where researches can be conducted on the basic characteristics of sludge, sludge transport and sludge treatment method etc.