Hydraulic Model Lab

        The Lab was built in 1985 which covers an area of 2800m2 indoors and 1000m2 outdoors. The gravity circulating water supply system includes centrifugal pumps, flat water level tank, back drains, grit chamber, underground reservoir and other facilities. The pumps can be opened/closed automatically and monitored in real time in the control room. Total water supply capacity can reach 1.5m3/s. The laboratory is equipped with advanced experimental apparatus and equipments to meet the requirements of the pattern layout with high precision,to observe hydraulic parameters such as water level, flow velocity, pressure, flow, and to survey flow state, underwater terrain. A variety of scientific research can be conducted such as: model test of normal hydraulics, model test of river diversion and closure during construction, river model test, model test of hydraulic structures water pressure fluctuation and flow-induced vibration, hydraulic model test of water gate, channel hydraulic model test, navigation lock hydraulic model test, model test of dam break, model test of landslide-generated waves, model test of current cavitation, etc.