Groundwater and Soil Water Resources Lab

        The lab was initially built in 1985 with an experimental area of 800m2 . Soil columns in the hall were used to monitor soil dynamic and solute transport processes and to determine soil hydraulic parameters. The apparatus for measurement of water content and determination of soil parameters include Mini Trase, Time Domain Reflectometry, Gaulph meter, DL2e data logger, automatic monitoring and controlling system for the irrigation and drainage. Software was developed for evaluating the performance of irrigation and drainage system, management of agricultural water resources, and simulating groundwater flow and solute transport. Experiments were conducted in the halls to investigate water and solute movement in soils, drainage pipe drainage processes, soil infiltration and evaporation, the performance of sprinkler ordrip irrigations, Soil hydraulic parameters, i.e., soil hydraulic conductivity, dispersion, soil retention curve were determined by the experiments in the hall.