Experimental Research Center of Hydrology and Water Resources

       The Experimental Research Center was built in 1950s. The center includes hydrology and meteorology laboratory, water cycle laboratory and water environment laboratory, to provide experimental platform for research on hydrology basic theory, distributed hydrological modelling, non-point pollution, flood control and drought relief, disaster prevention and mitigation, water resources utilization and management. In hydrology and meteorology laboratory, the equipment includes Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), sounder depth meter, the automatic meteorological station, the meteorological satellite imagery receiving and processing system and so on. The water cycle laboratory has several experiment sites with analysis equipment, artificial rainfall-runoff experimental field, MAT253 stable isotope mass spectrometer and so on. In water environment laboratory, the equipment includes multi-parameter water quality analyzer, spectrophotometer, A/O contact oxidation wastewater treatment and A2 / O sewage treatment simulation system, etc. All of that can provide the simulation and analysis infrastructure for hydrological and meteorological monitoring, the analysis of water cycle and material transfer pattern, water pollution governance, water environment protection, ecohydrology, etc. The center also developed the digital basin and reservoir operating automatic system. In addition, the center develops extensive cooperation and researches, for example, the ecohydrology experimental base for lake study established jointly by Hubei Provincial Bureau of Hydrology and Water Resources.