Research Areas

I.Spatial and temporal distribution of water resources and its integrated management                    

Spatial and temporal distribution of water resources under changing environments

Joint operations of cascade hydropower stations and reservoir group


II.Water-saving irrigation and its environmental effects

soil water and salt moventment, water-saving irrigation and groundwater exploitation

Farmland water regulation,water conservation and emission reduction

Highly efficient wate-saving irrigation technology


III.Flow and sediment movement and river regulation

Flow and sediment transport below dam and fluvial processes

Regulation theory and control technique of rivers and lakes under various engineering


IV.Safety of hydraulic structure and reservoir-dam system

Safety of large-scale reservoir-dam system

Performance evolution of high concrete dam and slope

Deformation mechanism and control of high rockfill dams


V.Operation safety and control of hydropower station

Safety of powerhouse,water conduit and electromechanical systems in hydropower station

Operation safety of pumped-storage power station

Joint operation and control of pumped-storage power and wind power