The State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of China in the year of 2003 to be established in Wuhan University. The laboratory is under the direct administration of Wuhan University and operates independently, with an aim to create an innovation platform for scientific research and engineering application in the fields of water resources and hydropower engineering. Currently, the laboratory occupies a total building area of 12,200 m2 and owns the fixed assets worth 80 million RMB. With a large number of instruments and experimental systems equipped and developed for various kinds of complex and comprehensive scientific researches, the laboratory has now become the one of leading laboratories of the same kind in China and abroad.

       The laboratory consists of five research sections, i.e. hydrology and water resources, agricultural irrigation, river engineering, hydraulic structure, and hydropower station operation and management. The section directors are responsible for managing the research groups or programs. The research positions are divided into the tenure type and the contract type and all are open for application.

       The laboratory staff currently consists of 58 persons, including 48 professors, 10 associate professors, 4 technicians, and 3 administration staff. Professor Zhi MAO is a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Professor Jun XIA is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

       The laboratory has made the outstanding achievements in the following research fields: nonlinear flood forecasting; sustainable management of water resources; water-saving irrigation; management and control of effluent irrigation; inter-basin water transfer; river sedimentation; hydropower resources exploitation; optimal design of hydropower station; optimal construction of hydropower project; transient process of hydropower stations, and so on.